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Leraje Diabolique
23 June 1974
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If I add you as a friend, I am adding you to the first three filters; the last you have to opt-into specifically. I have sexual, mundane, laid bare, and RP Logs. The first two are self-explanatory, the third is closely akin to stream of conscious or absolutely no P.C./socially correct/save others' sanity/don't think I am weird/etc. filtering and the last is just a collection of postings of my RolePlay Logs from the various MUSH/MUCK/MUX/MOO/ETC that I play on. Just so you know. If you want to opt out (or make sure you are already opted, though if you signed up with my original creation of my filters, you are safe) just tell me.

Credit for format goes to nyssimi

~*~ My name... well, I am the Demon Leraje Diabolique, but I am presently possessing the body of one named David.

~*~ I have a complete fascination with the female form. I think I could stare at a woman for hours just to memorize the way her body is formed. Who am I kidding? I take stolen glances at breasts, too. Lots of breasts. Who am I *still* kidding? I look at breasts all the time, everywhere, on everyone!

~*~ I have been married before, but now am not.

~*~ I have 2 sons, one lives with me, the other does not. Judge me or not, I don't give a fuck.

~*~ I have worked in many jobs: Computer Security Technician, Internet Security Support for UUNet, Network Admin for an Economics firm in D.C., Navy Nuclear Electrician, Clean Water Action canvasser, and a host of others. But right now I work for Internet Security Systems as a Technical Support guy.

~*~ I like to play D&D and other RPG's. I enjoy being the DM as much as being a player.

~*~ I have visited all of the States except Alaska, and I have fished in it's waters off the side of the submarine in the Navy.

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